Thread Breakdown: Cross-Domain MEV & Intent Settlement

** Can cross-domain MEV actually lead to FREE/reduced-cost exchange? Let’s dive into this fascinating research by @ComposableFin & @Picasso_Network!**

1/5 Key Points:

  • Intent Settlement: A platform where users “intend” trades across different chains & an execution engine finds the best price.
  • Cross-Domain MEV: The opportunity to profit from information arbitrage across these chains when executing intents.
  • The Hypothesis: MEV extraction could offset transaction fees, potentially enabling free/reduced-cost exchange.

2/5 My Analysis:

  • This is a bold & exciting vision! Free exchange would be a game-changer for DeFi accessibility & adoption.
  • But, the research highlights challenges: MEV might be unpredictable & could create market instability.
  • Ensuring fair MEV distribution will be crucial.

3/5 Discussion Points:

  • Can MEV extraction mechanisms be designed to prioritize user benefit over MEV capture?
  • How can we mitigate the potential for MEV-driven market manipulation?
  • What role will DAOs & community governance play in regulating MEV distribution?

4/5 Visuals:

(Include 2-3 visuals/graphics here, such as:

  • A diagram illustrating the Intent Settlement process.
  • A chart showing potential MEV extraction vs. transaction fee reduction.
  • A meme about the struggle for free DeFi!)


  • Throw in a fun fact about MEV or cross-chain DeFi history.
  • Challenge fellow researchers to explore specific aspects of the research further.
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