Launching the Research RFP Program


Composable is excited to launch its new Research Request for Proposal (RFP) Program. Through this initiative, we are sharing all of our ongoing research initiatives with the community. In doing so, we aim not only to increase the transparency of Composable’s research, but also to reach potential research collaborators who have interest and expertise in these topic areas.

About Composable RFPs

Composable has solidified our various areas of research into distinct RFPs. Each has its own problem and research question(s) that it aims to address. All RFPs also list experiment(s) that are designed to deliver a solution/answer to its research question.

Overall, the objectives of the Composable Research RFP Program are to:

  1. Share our current research investigations with the broader community
  2. Find innovative collaborators with relevant experience who can assist us in addressing each of our research questions
  3. Ultimately, drive forward cross-domain interoperability and mass adoption of DeFi

Current RFPs

Current RFPs are as follows:


2. An Options Protocol for Pre-Reserving Cross-Domain Blockspace

  • Researchers: Matheus Ferreira, Bruno Mazorra

9. Cost of Pre-Confirmations & Creating a Market for Sequencers Distributing Pre-Confirmations

  • Researchers: unassigned

10. Partial Block Auctions for Sequencers

  • Researchers: unassigned


6. Valuing Cross-Chain Bundles and MEV

  • Researchers: unassigned

7. Understanding & Minimizing Dead Weight Loss (Enabling Partial Blocks)

  • Researchers: unassigned

14. Bitcoin MEV

  • Researchers: unassigned


1. Designing Solvers to Provide Optimal Solutions for Cross-Domain Intents

  • Researcher: Bruno Mazorra

3. Making Previously Incompatible Chains IBC-Capable

  • Researchers: Miguel Matos & team at INESC-ID/Universidade de Lisboa

4. A Scalable, Faster CosmWasm STM Product

  • Researchers: Miguel Matos & team at INESC-ID/Universidade de Lisboa

5. A Fast Consensus for Cosmos SDK Chains

  • Researchers: Miguel Matos & team at INESC-ID/Universidade de Lisboa

8. Introducing Cross-Rollup Atomicity Execution and Mempool matching into Shared Sequencer Design

  • Researchers: unassigned

11. Pre-Confirmation Mechanisms

  • Researchers: unassigned

12. Cross-Chain Governance Over IBC

  • Researchers: unassigned

13. Bitcoin IBC

  • Researchers: unassigned

15. Integrating Uniswap V4 Hooks into MANTIS

  • Researchers: unassigned

16. Cross-Domain MEV Auctions

  • Researchers: unassigned

How to Participate

If you’re a researcher who believes that you would be a good fit to contribute to any of the Composable RFPs, please reach out to Composable’s Lead Research Associate, Sydney Sweck, at In the email, be sure to include:

  • The RFP number(s) you’d like to contribute to
  • Your relevant background experience
  • How you think you could contribute to the research

In the future, we will also be releasing more RFPs as we continue to research and develop innovative cross-chain solutions for the future of DeFi. These will be posted in relevant categories within the Composable Research Forum. We also look forward to sharing our research progress along the way, which will be similarly posted in our forum.